Governor are appointed by the following groups:
  • Parents
  • Local Authority
  • Diocese (foundation governors provided by St Anne's C of E  Primary School)
  • School (St Anne's C of E Primary School)
Names of Governing Body as of November 2017 (tenure dates in brackets - tenure is usually 4 years unless stated)
Chairperson - Mrs Diana Sutherland
Vice Chairperson - Mr David Stevens
Clerk to the Governors - Mrs Jo Beacham

Head Teacher
Mr Malcolm Tipping (n/a)
Staff Governor
Miss Tracy Calder (n/a)
Parent Governors
Mr Robert Bray (October 2015 -October 2019), Mrs Sam Strand (April 2017-April 2021), Mrs Sara Hemmings (October 2017-October 2021), Claire Monk (01/05/2019), VACANCY
Local Authority Governors (SEND)
Mr David Stevens (November 2011 - November 2019)

Foundation Governors
Mrs Diana Sutherland (November 2015 - November 2019), Mr John Rhodes (September 2015 - September 2019), Megan Gibbons (March 2019 - March 2023)

Co-Opted Governor
Robert Barbour (March 2019 - March 2023)
Associate Member
Kevin Henderson (n/a)

The governors attend committees and their election to these committees is largely decided by the strengths/interest they have. They are appointed on a yearly basis, and all governors are welcome to attend any committee and take part in discussion, but may only vote if they are appointed members of the committee.

The current committees are: Business, Performance, Learning and Achievement (PLA)

In line with current legislation , we also have an Appeals Committee.

Committee Governors


Robert Bray (Chair), Diana Sutherland, , Dave Stevens, Malcolm Tipping, John Rhodes, Tracy Calder



Robert Barbour (Chair), Malcolm Tipping, Robert Bray, Steve Smith, Sam Strand


1. Diana Sutherland, John Rhodes, Dave Stevens

2. Robert Barbour, Robert Bray, Sam Strand                        


Safeguarding & LAC (Looked After Children) - Diana Sutherland

SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) - Dave Stevens 

Pupil Premium - Diana Sutherland  

Christian Ethos - John Rhodes

Performance Management - Robert Bray