Welcome to the Governors' area of the school website. Here you can find out about the work of the Board of Governors, and the people involved:-

St Anne’s Primary is fortunate to have a team of enthusiastic, committed, and knowledgeable governors who work with the headteacher on the strategic development of the school.  The Governing Body is a group of individuals who are elected, nominated or co-opted from key stakeholder groups; parents, staff, the Local Authority, and the local community. The responsibilities of the Governing Body and its various Committees are outlined below on this page.

Our Chair of Governors, from September 2015, is Mrs D Sutherland.

If you are interested in becoming a governor, please contact the headteacher or look out for vacancies displayed in the school newsletter.


How the Board of Governors operates

How Governing Body is Made Up

Roles undertaken by the governors

Governor Proceedings

Register of pecuniary interests

Attendance of meetings


How the Board of Governors operates

Governors carry out their role by attending meetings with agendas and minutes which are published and you can see in another area of this website, and also by visiting the school  whenever possible, to see things at first hand. As well as meetings attended by all Governors (FGB Meetings), there are two Committees with specific remits, which also meet regularly. 

Full Governing Body (FGB)
All Governors
(Chair: Mrs D Sutherland)

The Full Governing Body normally meets four times a year, and has three important functions:-

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • To ensure accountability for the performance of the school
  • To make sure the school's funding is well spent

There are also two Committees which concentrate on specific areas of work, and report to Full Governing Body Meetings.

  • Performance, Learning, Achievement and Mission  (PLA and Mission) 
  • Business Committee

Each of these Committees normally meets every half term, and their roles are described below:-

Progress, Learning, Achievement Mission Committee (PLA and Mission)
Sam Strand (Committee Chair)

PLA and Mission committee responsibilities:

* To encourage all Governing Body and other committee decisions to be curriculum led;

* To consider the LA’s curriculum policy statement and advise the Governing Body on the Primary Strategy and National Curriculum and its associated assessment arrangements;

* To monitor the implementation of all curriculum policies and schemes;

* To monitor assessment and testing arrangements;

* To promote and support curriculum development within the financial limitations set by the Business committee;

* To review annually the school’s improvement plan;

* To hear appeals against the Head Teacher’s decision to lift or change the National Curriculum provision for a pupil;

* To review the Progress, Attainment & Curriculum Committee’s Terms of Reference every year;

Business Committee
Kevin Henderson (Committee Chair)

Business committee responsibilities:

* To assist and advise the Head Teacher, Governing Body and its committees on matters relating to the budgeting and financial control of:

-The schools delegated budget, Standards Fund and any other public money;

-School fund and any other money administered by the school;

-Other money held in the name of the school for which the Governing Body is responsible;

* To review and recommend for approval to the full governing body the first formal budget of the financial year;

* To review the budget and variances to the budget termly;

* To approve a three year financial plan;

* To oversee achievement of the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS);

* To review the results of any financial audit and ensure any improvements identified are actioned;

* to review the use of the School Fund and other accounts, including an annual formal inspection of the accounts;

* to ensure that all accounts held in connection with the school require two cheque signatories and BACS payments require two authorisations;

* In consultation with the Head Teacher, determine the staffing structure of the school

* To oversee the appointment procedure for all staff

* To consider and approve recommendations on staff salaries made by the Head Teacher

* To be responsible for staff reductions and disciplinary and grievance matters, including the provision of the panel of Governors (at least three members on the first panel) and arrangements for an appeal panel of other members of the Governing Body;

* To ensure appropriate consultation with staff (together with the Head Teacher) on all matters of personnel policy;

* To review the premises and make recommendations

* To review the health and safety and make recommendations

* To review the Business Committee’s Term of Reference every year

How Governing Body is Made Up

The Full Governing Body has thirteen members made up as follows:-

  • five parent governors
  • one local authority governor
  • the headteacher
  • one staff governor
  • one co-opted governor
  • one associated governor
  • three foundation governors (Church)

The Members of the Governing Body as at September 2019 are:-



Term from

Term until


Diana Sutherland


Nov 2015

Nov 2019

Chair of Governors

Kevin Henderson




Chair of Business

Sam Strand


April 2017

April 2021

Chair of PLA and Mission

Malcolm Tipping





Megan Gibbons


March 2019

March 2023

John Nicholls





Dave Stevens

Local Authority

Nov 2011

Nov 2019


John Rhodes


Sept 2015

Sept 2019


Tracey Calder





Julie Tudor


Sept 2019

Sept 2023


Clare Monk


May 2019

May 2023


Callie Hayden


 March 2020  March 2024  

Vannessa Roper




Roles undertaken by the governors

The table below shows the membership of each of the Board's various Committees




Kevin Henderson (Chair) , Dave Stevens, Malcolm Tipping, John Rhodes, Julie Tudor, Tracy Calder, John Nicholls


Sam Strand, Clare Monk, Diana Sutherland, Megan Gibbons, Cally Hayden, Vannessa Roper, David Stevens, Malcolm Tipping, Jo Harvey


1. Diana Sutherland, John Rhodes, Dave Stevens

2. Robert Barbour, Sam Strand, John Rhodes                     


Safeguarding & LAC (Looked After Children) - Diana Sutherland

SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) - Dave Stevens 

Pupil Premium - Diana Sutherland  

Christian Ethos - John Rhodes

Performance Management – Diana Sutherland and Dave Stevens


Governor Proceedings

Here you will find information about Governors meetings, including dates and agendas for forthcoming meetings. The minutes of previous meetings will also be uploaded once they have been ratified at the following meeting of the Board or Committee. There is, therefore, a gap before the minutes of any particular meeting are published.

In some cases, where Committees meet once per term, minutes will not be released until they have been ratified at the next meeting, in the following term.