Headteacher                      Mr Malcolm Tipping

Acting Headteacher          Mrs Joanne Harvey (Teaching and Learning, Safeguarding and Pastoral)

SENDCo                             Mrs Amy Gripton (Inclusion, SEND, Geography and History Lead)


When you contact the school office your call will usually be dealt with by Mrs Page or Mrs Henderson



Teaching Assistants




Mrs Samantha Strand

(Science Lead and DDSL)

Mrs Joanne Cook

Miss Chloe Reading

Mrs Sally Davis 1:1



Mrs Linda Withey

(Phonics and Early Reading Lead)

Mrs Tracy Wigham

Miss Morgan Sheriff-Watts

Key Stage 1 

Year 1


Mrs Salley Orchard

(MFL and RE Lead)

Mrs Samantha Ross

Mrs Parker

Year 1


Mrs McCrossan

(Music Lead)

Ms Charmaine Tolley

Mrs Ellerton 1:1

Year 2


Mrs Rosie Stanton

(Mathematics Lead) 

Mrs Kerry Smith

Lower Key Stage 2 

Year 3


Mrs Carrie Eaton

(PSHE lead)

Mrs Debbie Warr

Mr Scott Denton 1:1

Year 4


Mrs Sarah Watkins


Mr Adam L'Enfant

Mrs Vanessa Donovan 1:1

Mrs Sharon Harwood 1:1

Upper Key Stage 2 

Year 5


Miss Annie Stamps

(Computing Lead)

Mrs Kerry Walker

Mrs Laura Mather 1:1

Mrs Lisa Layton 1:1

Mrs Sarah Perkinton 1:1 

Year 6


Mrs Ellie Purser

(English Lead)

Mrs Tracy Calder

Year 6


Miss Nikki Edwards (Mon-Wed)

(Art and Design and Design Techonology Lead)

Miss Kerry Smith (Thur-Fri)

(History and Geography Lead)

Mrs Chris Thomas

Mrs Sarah Saunders 1:1


Teacher (UQT) Mrs Joanne Beacham
Sports Teaching Assistant Miss Jodie Boraston
Nurture Practitioners Mrs Rebbecca Marshall, Miss Tracey Calder, Mr Adam L'Enfant
Wrap Around Manager  
Wrap Around Assistant Mrs Kerry Walker
Admin Manager Mrs Stacey Page
Admin Assistant Mrs Helen Henderson 
School Bursar Mrs Cara Jaynes
Site Manager Mr Paul Hartwell 
Catering Manager Mrs Victoria Forrester
Catering Assistants  Mrs Julie Fleurs, Mrs Tina Davies, Mrs Janine Gooding, Mrs Rosalind Koulaouzos, Ms Theresa Morris, Miss Toni Hobbis, Mrs Maria Burbridge
Lead Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Connie Rutter
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Debbie Warr, Miss Sianna Hill, Ms Shelley Powell, Mrs Sarah Perkinton, Mrs Michelle Michelman, Miss Kelly Evans, Miss Hollie Baker, Mrs Maria Burbridge