Welcome to Reception

Phase Leader: Mrs Jane Milner

Our class:

Class teacher: Mrs J Milner
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Teaching Assistants: Mrs T Wigham (full time)

                              Mrs C Broadhurst (mornings)

                              Mrs N Piper (afternoons)

                              Miss E Rooke (SCITT student teacher)

                              Mrs H Hogg (Monday/Wednesday TA student)

Autumn term:

Our topics will be Ourselves and Toys

A lot of the children’s learning will be through play and focussed activities that will engage the children in their preferred style of learning.

We will have a daily phonics session and the phoneme taught each day will be sent home for you to practise. We will also be sharing a book of the week and have a daily maths session.

Soon, your child will be bringing a book to share home. These have no words but are for you and your child to create your own story using the pictures. As phonics become more embedded, then we will move to books with words to practise.

Important information:

  • Children need PE kits in school which will be sent home half termly to be freshened up. All kit should be clearly named please.
  • Dojo home link invites will come out in September for you to link with your child’s class teacher. Here, you will be able to see updates from the teacher and you can send direct, private messages. We will also be adding photographs so you can see some of the things we get up to in Willow.
  • We will be assessing your child’s baseline in the first few weeks. This is done mostly through observing and talking to the children to see what they know. This will then give us the ‘baseline’ on which to base further work and to adapt groups to suit the needs of the child. We are also trialling the new National Baselines, which again will be conducted in a comfortable environment.


We are busy organising a series of trips to the Wyre Forest to work with the Forest School ranger there.

We will also have opportunities for you to come in and see what your child is doing and to work alongside them.